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Hangxing Aluminum Equipment Plant is specialized in producing Aluminum equipments
With a professional team, high quality control system and complete advanced production, we are able to produce full series of items, such as melting oven, heated ingot casting circularity bar machine, square bar equipment, heated ingot casting prolate bar machine, four grade heat-resistant felt conveying product line, mould heating furnace, aluminum bar furnace, aging furnace, aluminum bar sawing machine, hydraulic pressure saw, straightening machine, oxidation production line ,painting production line and so on . As our products have advanced technology, easy operating, safety usage, energy-saving and good looking characters, we has enjoyed high reputation in the domestic market and the international market which are Guangdong ,Guangxi , Hunan, Hubei,Yunan,Shandong,Sichun,Jiangsu,Jianfxi,Lanhou,Liaoning, Gansu, Neimenggu, Vietnam, Filipine, Indonesia, Australia, Albania and Russia.
Guided by the concept of "Customer first, honor first", we strive for giving our customers the excellent service that helping the customers with the production, installment and adjustment, best quality and suitable price.
Welcome any company to enquire or make order to us via e-mail or fax.

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      • Hangxing Aluminium equipment plant Co.,Ltd
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      • Melting Furnace, Casting machine, Homogenizing furnace, Die Oven,Billet Heating Machine , Aging Furnace
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      • North Yanjiang Road, Songgang, Nanhai District, Fuoshan City, Guangdong Province
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      • 528234
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      • Mr.Lu
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      • MD secretary
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      • 0757-85205208 0757-85205200 13802943859
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      • 0757-85205208
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